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Village Church

Product Code: N524
Village Church

Village Church Summary

World War Europe - Village Church (15mm)N524
Dimensions W160 x D210 x H235mm approx
Product Features removable roof etched detailing  
 access to bell tower    
Material(s) MDF  Greyboard  
Contents 1x Church    
supplied unassembled and unpainted in kit form with full instructions.

any models or accessories shown for scale purposes are not included.
Customer Reviews
3 review(s) posted (write review) 4 product stars
Second building I put together - Jim1313 - 30/08/2016
Very nice kit really easy build some parts were not cut in the kit but not missed they were the back of the gables of the roof but just glue the roof together an plug the holes with some scrap an it works really nice. I'd say they got missed in the down sidings. I still think it's worth the money an once I get it painted it'll be really nice as a center piece on the table

5 product stars
Happy Again - Vinehart - 07/11/2016
I've had most of this range now and as ever happy as out wiith it. Slight issue with small roofs but nowt to be worried over. Will be buying from the range again soon

5 product stars
Small is beautiful ... even more when it's huge at scale ;-) - Bruno - 22/02/2017
Receiving the church kit I thought it would be bigger than what I initially thought. As assembly started I definitely understood it would be... This is logical : any village church height is about 2.5 times the surrounding houses height. So I assembled the "little monster" and it was a pure pleasure, it went nice, soft and ... quick (about 20 minutes). As often, the doc relates to the 28mm one, so there are some minor differences (i.e. : base is 2 parts in 28mm vs 1 in 15mm, lower roofs structures have not the same inferior shape that is squared for 28mm and flat with a circle hole in the middle for 15mm). Honnestly this does not matter : parts cannot be confused and doc is perfectly clear. Result is a pure jewel. It would deserve supplemental detailing (printed stained glasses on transparent slides, additional internal foam detailing, etc...) It is currently assembled and primed. I will think about improving interior (despite priming) so reserve finalization (at least painting) for later, once my other little houses will be all done. Another maximum score on my side. (really the doc thing is not an issue - I just told about it so you did not get catch by surprise on this point (eventually in addition of the size))