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Regiment Cavalry Tray for 25x50mm bases

Product Code: 25M5x2C
Regiment Cavalry Tray for 25x50mm bases

Movement Tray Frame Thickness required*

Regiment Cavalry Tray for 25x50mm bases Summary

MDF Cavalry Tray consisting of MDF upper frame and lower base. The Frame Border Measures, 1/4��匝 (6.35mm) per side. Select the hight of frame required to match your bases. Other configurations are available on request.
Customer Reviews
1 review(s) posted (write review) 5 product stars
First Order (No not that First Order, they are no where near as efficient as Sarissa) - Simon Howard - 22/08/2017
As part of my first order of movement trays for use with my Salamander Army for Kow, and to use in WFB 3rd Ed. I ordered two of these bases. I have to say that the precision part of the the company name was well lived up to. The only part that I have an issue with are the manufacturers of the plastic bases I put my figures on because no matter what they say they are not 25mm by 50mm and so there is a very small gap left after filling the tray up. In general though this is not an issue.