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Pannier Tank Steam Engine - Rolling Stock

Product Code: R012
Pannier Tank Steam Engine - Rolling Stock

Pannier Tank Steam Engine - Rolling Stock Summary

Railway - Pannier Tank Steam EngineR012
DimensionsL135 x W55 x H75mm approx
Product Featuresetched detailing
Material(s)MDF greyboard 
Contents1x Engine 
supplied unassembled and unpainted in kit form with full instructions.

any models or accessories shown for scale purposes are not included.
Customer Reviews
2 review(s) posted (write review) 3 product stars
Troublesome Train - Tim Thompson - 03/07/2016
This model looks great and is an essential part of a goods yard. The assembly was straightforward for the body but when I came to the wheels I hit all sorts of problems. Generally with my Sarissa models I have found that they assemble very well. The parts have just sufficient tolerance that they fit together well but are not loose. Some other manufacturers have products where the joints are just too tight which leads to problems. My exception to this generalisation is the wheels and fittings on this tank engine. The wheels were just too tight to fit the axle. I then found that the chassis assembly was too tight to fit the underside of the engine assembly. The middle axle broke on one side while trying to fit the external spacers (Z6). The way that the wheels attach is such that there is a wrong and a right way. This is not specified in the instructions. It is reasonably simple to work out but take care. The instructions say to glue the external spacers in place and then fit the remaining wheels. If you do it in this order (as I did) it is very difficult to fit the front wheels as the ladder gets in the way. I suggest that you fit all the wheels before you fit the external spacers (or even before fitting the chassis assembly to the engine assembly). As a result of my trials with the wheels they will not be going round on my tank engine, which is a shame as the wagons are turning nicely so far. Very minor points. In the diagram with the assembly of the smoke stack you can see two circular pieces either side of the stack. these are easily identifiable and are stuck either side of the stack inside the circles of rivets. This is not noted in the instructions but is easy enough to sort out. There are four instead of two end panels (Z4) for the wheel chassis frame. This simply means that you have two spares (unless I am missing something!). So am I saying don't buy this model? No, as I said it looks great. However you should go in to the purchase with your eyes open and when you get to the wheels be prepared to take quite some time and shave bits off the components to get them fit. Alternatively, accept that the wheels will not go round, construct it with that in mind and you will not suffer the same frustrations that I have in the build. Afterword Part S is the coal bucket back but it is just open. Having looked at various pictures I think there should be a curved plate from the coal bucket back to the back panel. I added such a piece using thin cardboard. I also covered the hole in the cab panel (P). I then partially filled the coal bucket with some wadding and then stuck some railway ballast on top. Once painted black this looks like coal.

5 product stars
Great little model - Ken Le Prou - 25/05/2017
I found this model to be a fairly easy build except for the wheels/axles and frame to the rest of the chassis, they were a very tight fit and I used clamps to hold it in position. The rest of the model went together very well and looks awesome, I have since ordered another to give to my grandson for his 10th birthday, he is train mad, I wonder where he gets that from.