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Product Code: S137

Hanger Summary

Laser cut 2mm MDF with Laser etched detail, removable roofs and push out windows/doors. Kit supplied unassembled and unpainted. Measures Approx.
Customer Reviews
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Excellent Centerpiece in Every Way - Zack - 19/04/2017
This piece is impressive. The roof is very large, and while it doesn't come with rails, it does appear to have the pegs for them so theoretically you could add them if you wanted to. Between the roof and the second-story walkway you can get a very large number of guys on this thing's exterior. The additional rail at the bottom is also a nice touch. In both the top walkway and the bottom icing, there's enough wiggle room for a 40mm base with above-average protrusions. You can't really see it in the images, but the walkway actually goes inside the hanger for a little bit. It's a great part of the piece. The hanger itself is massive and can easily hold a Land Raider or Basilisk (provided the gun isn't at a ridiculously high angle). The doors open on both sides, with a single door on one end and a double-door on the other. This is an excellent center piece. It has plenty of open spaces for guys to stand but has a ton of character and practical realism in the walkways and doors.