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Command Pod - Helipad

Product Code: S132
Command Pod - Helipad

Command Pod - Helipad Summary

Laser cut 2mm MDF with Laser etched detail. Kit supplied unassembled and unpainted.
Customer Reviews
1 review(s) posted (write review) 4 product stars
Overall Good Piece, Minor Issues - Zack - 19/04/2017
This piece does almost everything right, with a few caveats. I'm assuming that this is intentional, but the entire tower is actually very robust in terms of how much weight it appears to be able to support; I'd be confident placing even something like a Warmachine colossal on the top. The small divide between the top of the tower and the rest of the structure is an excellent place to add a magnet if you're worried about leaving a Stormraven or Valkyrie on the piece and want some extra security. The ladder easily stays on and comes off in case of odd model dimensions. The small space with the entry hatch can hold two or three small-based marines or guardsmen but can't hold more than one terminator unless you don't install the rails. Meaning, this area is very small. The issue with this piece is the claim of a removable roof and space inside. Yes, this is true, but the entire mass of the tower is about the size of an average coktail peanut canister, meaning you're really not fitting much inside, and thn vertical size of the tower means you're not really manipulating (or removing) anything inside with ease. Lots of space on the landing pad, not so much anywhere else, which means the piece does what it's supposed to do but not much more.